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Do not disturb DND service activation using MyJio app

Procedure on How to activate Jio Do Not Disturb DND Service using MyJio App….
Annoying is an underestimation for promotional messages and calls across the Jiofi connections. This actually happens when one is quite busy while this the last think you can think of. Relating to what most Jio subscribers do they keep tuning off the call or even deleting the SMS before reading any detail. Okay! Promotions are never bad actually one can get one point or two which might be of importance.

Nonetheless, frequency of the calling and the SMS is what irritates the more. The consoling part of this is the effort and other best services and product one receives from the Reliance company. However, one might completely shut off the whole services. This giving a lot of limitation as you cannot work using the Jio network.

Reliance Jio an amazing and unique company which has grown with the shortest time. Has come to ease the promotional call and SMS burden. They give choices to opt out. This at least holds the service permanently or even for a good period.  “DO NOT DISTURB” or DNDis a featured installed in the Jiofi device. one needs to activate the application for it to function.

Jio dnd service

Activation process using Myjio app

Reliance Jio providers is well organized and has launched a mobile application for Jio users. Myjio app has all services and information regarding the Jio company. Here you can activate the DND using the following processes:

  • Using your smart phone device visit the google play store.
  • On the search bar enter the word “Myjio app” then click search.
  • Select the download button after getting the right app. This will take few seconds after which you are to install the app.
  • Now go to Myjio app icon and once click it prompts you to login using the password and username.
  • This details are gained during registration process where the homepage will open.
  • On the menu bar click on the more option tab located at the top left of the page.
  • A new list will be displayed on the screen where you’re to select the “my profile”
  • Continue to a new page where you find different settings. Enter the personal details from email, registered mobile number, date of birth etc.
  • Another menu containing details like manage account, change password, manage device, do not disturb and language will show here.
  • Click on the “do not disturb” tab choose between the complete opt out or selective opt out.
  • Next you are to click on the “FULL DND” this gives notion you don’t want to receive any promotional calls or SMS.
  • Click on the submit button where you are to receive a confirmation message
  • Note the process takes 7 days to at effect though you can track your request later.

Activation process for Jio DND service via SMS method 

The service is also available by SMS; the company caters for all clients who cannot the service through an app. Simply follow the simple procedure.

SMS: “START O” to 1909

This is the service activation process, this will be verified and no internet connection is needed, for the DND process.

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