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How to restrict other Jiofi users using your jiofi wi-fi dongle

Internet restrictions are one of the most sort question from users. Everyone wants answers on how to block unauthorized people from using their internet. There different ways to prevent people from tampering the internet either hiding the SSID, changing the name or even blocking them completely. This curbs hacking cases and also saves internet and router battery power.

The Jiofi router is modified to hotspot 10 devices simultaneously. However, information leakage the router gets more jiofi users thus straining the battery and also the connectivity range. This slows down the speed and causes extra expenses to the user. The battery is damaged due to the heavy power usage.

Users though shouldn’t worry since the Jio company has way ready for users. They are easy to follow without the need of professionals help. The router is formulated to hotspot on every smart device thus increasing the chances of unwanted jiofi users. key step is either to hide or even change personal information like password and username. This saves a lot and helps secure the device. Below are the several ways of restricting unwanted WIFI users.

How to prevent Jiofi users from connecting to your Jiofi router?

Hacking is the common word from all Jiofi router owners. They are afraid someone is using the internet with no authority. Nonetheless, this also applies to all other routers user’s. The problem goes out of hand if the information about the router is leaked. There are also technical experts who can have any password according to the type of WI-FI.

  • Pick the Jiofi router and have it connected to the PC or smart device.
  • Open the web browser page and key in the link: http://jiofi.local.html/index.html
  • On the homepage one is required to key in the username and password.  In most cases the answer to this is administrator. The word is keyed in small letters in order to login.
  • Proceed to the settings tab then go to the network settings. Here you will find the MAC filter address.
  • There options of enabling or disable, this tabs will either stop other from using or allow users to access the internet.

How to permit authorized internet users?

Blocking or hiding the network name from others is easy but involving some user is quite different. This will require some settings which we shall follow in this article. This happens in small business or organizations where internet passwords are known to some users.

  • Enter the official link: http://jiofi.local.html
  • Logging in to the homepage one needs the personal details which are the password and username. Enter administrator on the spaces.
  • Directly go to settings menu followed by network option.
  • On the same page one get the MAC filter address where you’re either to enable or disable.
  • Select the enable tab and the MAC address will be displayed.
  • Now click the allow MAC filter mode.
  • Continue and select the “add option”.
  • From here you can select the devices or users who can access the WI-FI from your router.
  • Select the apply button to ensure the settings are saved, you can also change according to your preference using the same procedure.

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