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Tips for how to increase Jiofi internet speed

Slow internet is the last thing one needs. Technology and internet being a daily routine we cannot afford to have buffering and slow connection. However, Jiofi internet speed have their determiners which in layman’s thinking speeds might slow if the network is congested. Which is fully support and stand to be corrected too.  Strong signal is the mother of better connection while weak signals is the vice versa.

Router and mobile devices are modified with a network signals shown on one end on the device. The icon resembling waves or bars which increase in height from one end. This helps the users note when the networks are low. Same for the internet connection as the icon bars reduce according to the connectivity.Can one increase Jiofi internet speed? How? In this article we have several tips and tricks to change your internet speeds.

Basic reasons on why slow Jiofi internet speed

Internet is modified to be fast, all telecom companies ensure their users benefit from high plus fast internet connections. The following are some reasons why one might experience slow internet.

  • Data limits and depletion is one cause; telecom service providers offer different data usage limitation if exceeded the speed crumble’s down to 128kbps.
  • Internet icons will guide you whether you’re working with full network, average or low. Red or less bars show poor and slow internet speeds.
  • It okay to check whether other networks are working use different apps or companies to verify
  • Keeping the router far or hiding it where the signals cannot reach.
  • Check your Jiofi device settings to ensure they are correct.
  • Don’t overload the device Jiofi router hotspots 10 devices at most.
  • If the device has been hacked by unauthorized users without your knowledge.

Tips of increasing Jiofi internet speed.

Though not verified what really makes Jiofi internet speeds to go down. Logical and tried methods to increase speed are stated below. the plans are obvious and practically work on most routers.

  • Routers connect better on open spaces where the range is higher. Try placing the device in an open place though safe.
  • Ensure you upgrade Jiofi firmware to its latest version.
  • Change of settings especially on the DNS where you can set it to open DNS will make the speeds move fast.
  • Change the password and other details to avoid hacking and overuse of the device.
  • Don’t exceed the limits given ensure the data is topped up to avoid depleting.
  • Hotspot few devices at a go to avoid congestions.
  • Work at early hours or late hours where the network and internet connections are free. Most ranges are congested due to heavy usage and off-peak hours.

Jiofi users who still experience slow speeds even after setting up the device and taking the above measures should visit the Jio company outlets for help. The company ensures all clients are satisfied and will check on the device recommend different settings or further give new devices. Nonetheless, such cases don’t happen for the router is of best quality offering best service.

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