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Enable Jiofi MAC Address Filter in jiofi.local.html

Jio company ranking in the highest position and causing dramatic changes in the telecom world. Has come up with wonderful and different products which are amazing by fact. Low prices and great quality where users can benefit from services at reasonable duration.  The company which take over larger companies like Airtel offers services and products which are affordable to all local citizens.

They have products from Television and sim card plus routers which have high network coverage. This has encouraged migration from other companies and helping the company gain popularity. From the company one gain unlimited data and voice calls bonus which don’t just last for days but also form months in piloting stages.

Jiofi router is unique product and personal hotspot router. The device is used to hotspot 10 devices at ago and also have high connectivity rage. The device has long life battery with the best and simple configurations.

How to set up the Jiofi router

Each router needs some changes done to suit the user’s needs. This happens same for the Jiofi router, you have to learn each detail pertaining the hotspot and password, username etc. The Jiofi router uses an IP address where one can access the settings http://jiofi.local.html  or the

The router should be connected to the PC or laptop for configuration. Login using the official website link. Here you will land in the homepage where all settings are displayed. Using the password and username one can configure any detail in the account. Nonetheless, you have to log out after you are done.

How to enable Jiofi MAC Address filter by login jiofi.local.html

  • Navigate to the http://jiofi.local.html or the
  • Select the login tab which is on top of the page.
  • Now key in your username and password to sign in. Users who don’t change the username and password should use administrator for both spaces.
  • Go to the network button followed by MAC address filter tab on the page.
  • Here you will receive options like “enable” the jiofi MAC address filter.
  • With the MAC id you have the right to enable or disable network connection for certain devices.
  • After confirming the settings, you can now press the “apply” tab.
  • The system will take some time and then process the information.

The settings are easy and don’t take long. This being a procedure for any internet user. We can proceed and check the configuration of the Jiofi Mifi settings below which also uses less steps.

  • Enter the official link: http://jiofi.local.html  for the jiofi Dongle router use http://jiodongle.local.html
  • Click on the login tab and on the page key in the administrator as password and username.
  • Now select the setting tab which will lead you to the WI-FI page. here you can change the SSID and other WI-FI details.
  • To make changes on the password or username use the settings tab again and follow the given steps.
  • Enter a strong password though easy to remember. The SSID plus all settings are changed in this page as per user’s needs.

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not connect any device in jio fi so I cannot login jiofi.local.html you can help me bro
please call me 888485XXX

I have accidentally entered wrong mac address in mac filtering. Due to that no one is able to access wifi. Is there any way to disable or reset jiofi?

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