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Procedure for Changing Jiofi Login Details, SSID and Jiofi Router Password

Jiofi is a successfully Wifi Hotspot cum router device in Jio products. There are lot of Smartphone Users are purchase this Jio Dongle 2 Mifi router. Actually this dongle is implement only for Internet purposes. So that’s why this device was working perfectly and takes the Jio 4G signal successfully.

JIO Ceo Mr. Mukesh Ambani had officially announced the Jio Unlimited Calls, Internet and SMS was extended upto 15th April 2017. According to our Intelligence information we will expect the Jio offer will be again extend to few more months. Exact date we are not confirm. Because we don’t know the exact information just we will expect that information.

Then coming to the point we already give the brief instructions on Jiofi Mifi router in the first article. In this post we will give how to change the Jiofi User Management, Jiofi 2 Broadcasting SSID and Jio Dongle 2 Password Changing Process.

How to Modify Jiofi User Management or Jiofi Login Details

  • It is very easy to change the Jio Dongle User Login Details while logging into http://jiofi.local.html
  • Type Username and Password as “administrator”
  • Click on Settings Tab. Again you can select on User Management.
  • In the User Mangement you can see Account Management.
  • Write the new Username and Choose the New Password while entering the old password.
  • Click on Apply Button. It will update successfully.

How to Change Jiofi SSID Password Details

  • Each and Every Jiofi 3 user must logon into http://jio.local.html
  • As per mentioned in Jiofi Sealed Box it can shows username as ‘administrator’ and password as ‘administrator’
    Everyone must enter the username and password.
  • Then You can click on the Setting tab it will shows settings like LTE, Network, WiFi, Storage, System Performance etc.
  • Select WiFi option. In that WiFi settings you can see lot of information like SSID, WMM, 802.11 Mode, Security key etc.
  • You can choose your new Broadcasting SSID. Type in the SSID column and also choose your new password by type into the Security box.
  • Finally you can click on Apply Button.

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